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Family law, asset protection and the rights of individuals

In addition to the comprehensive service we offer our clients in all relevant areas of business law, we also offer support on thoroughly personal matters too. This includes, in particular, personal life planning, sensitive representation on this and bespoke advice. Spouses and life partners often overlook the need to take precautionary measures and make provisions. We evolve concepts and structure contractual rulings for long-term partnerships where we pay particular attention to sound planning of pensions and health care and to securing maintenance claims. Clarifying and enforcing legal positions as regards the custody of joint children is an issue of very practical significance. We support our clients in national and international divorce matters and on all typical questions relating to family disputes.

The main areas include:

  • Advising on and drafting marriage and life partnership contracts
  • Representing clients in all issues relating to divorce and the subsequent proceedings connected with the divorce
  • Regulating the maintenance of members of the family in the event of separation and divorce
  • Division of matrimonial property amongst the spouses
  • Personal custody rights and structuring visitation rights for minor children
  • Health care powers of attorney
  • Compulsory enforcement of judicial and notarized documents in Germany and abroad
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