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Intellectual property

In an industrial society with high technology, industrial property rights have become the indispensable precondition for securing corporate success. Trade mark rights, design rights, utility models and patents are becoming increasingly important, innovative companies stimulate technological progress by granting licenses. Marketing products and services is no longer conceivable without having advertising and sponsoring agreements. The rise in competitive pressure is increasing the likelihood of conflicts under competition law and of trade mark and patent infringement litigation. The international interconnection of the economy leads to highly-complex circumstances and disputes in cross-border trade.

We provide advice in all of these fields in both a national and an international context with our profound experience and expertise as specialist attorneys. Typically our activity focuses on the following areas:

  • Application for registration of German trade marks, EU trade marks and utility models
  • Advice and litigation on issues of competition law
  • Litigation on trade marks and utility models
  • Patent infringement suits
  • License agreements of all kinds, in particular licensing trade marks, patents and know-how
  • License disputes, also before arbitral tribunals
  • Software agreements
  • Advertising, merchandising and sponsoring agreements
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