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Distribution and commercial/insurance law

Successful sales and trade are at the core of every company and have always formed a focal point of our advice, esteemed by our clients in the following and other fields: automotive, foodstuffs, leisure and luxury goods and medicinal, safety/security and industrial products, disposal and facility management, advertising and financial products. The areas our advice focuses on include product purchasing and sales and the design, (judicial) enforcement and processing of sales systems, especially with regard to indemnification issues and prohibition of competition. Our clients benefit from our expertise in insurance law and similarly from our experience in dealing with product liability and recall action. In cross-border matters we can also draw on the expertise of our network of law firms located at all the business centres in the world.

Typically our activity focuses on the following subjects:

  • National and international commercial law, UN CISG, drafting, negotiating and judicial enforcement of purchase contracts and warranties
  • Contracts relating to commercial agents: drafting, negotiating and enforcing these contracts nationally, Europe and world-wide; indemnification and non-competition clauses, right of termination
  • Drafting, negotiating and enforcing national and international distribution agreements and systems (official distributors, franchise, exclusive and selective distribution, license law)
  • Drafting and judicial enforcement of leasing agreements
  • Entrepreneurial awarding of contracts: Drafting and negotiating national and international supply and procurement agreements, drafting and implementing bidding processes
  • Antitrust: Guaranteeing distribution agreements with legal certainty both inside and outside the area of application of EU block exemption regulations
  • Preparing, conducting and processing product recall actions; extra-judicial and judicial defence against product liability claims
  • Insurance law: negotiating, processing and judicial enforcement of insurance protection, in particular in the fields of business liability insurance, life assurance, health, transport and D&O insurance
  • Standard terms: Monitoring current changes in case law, drafting market-specific standard terms (AGB), checking and adapting existing AGB
  • Foreign trade law: Preparing and conducting the approval procedure for exporting dual use goods, customs law
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